Jonathan and Megan Walker, the barista and the pastry maker! We live in the neighborhood and have had a crush on the building at 4400 Bienville for years. We are extremely excited to bring together our passions of coffee and pastry and provide Mid-City with another outlet for caffeine and baked goods.


We could not have done it without the help of so many friends. Special thanks to all of the following, talented people!


Gunner Guidry, our brilliant architect. It took a lot of creativity and patience to work with our extravagant and constantly changing ideas for the shop. The charm of the original building paired with Gunner’s modern style led us to our current design, an homage to the old with the sparkle of the new. Check out some more of his work at


Nicholas Lambert, our iron work extraordinaire. Nick crafted our sleek sign as well as designing the table legs on our coffee tables and our chic bar stools. You can view some of his other work at


Scott Ray, our logo guy. Scott did an excellent job translating our abstract ideas for a logo-- something clean and polished with a subtle tribute to the original gas station which housed our location, Cities Services. Find more of his design work at


Lindsay Lagrange, our woodworking master. Lindsay designed and built all the gorgeous wooden tables for the shop. Every single one is unique and hand-crafted from reclaimed wood.


Emily Perkins, our menu artiste. With a steady hand and creative eye, Emily drew our menu boards. She is talented in many medias-- check our her marvelous art at

We would also like to thank Megan’s parents, Robin and Jimmy Goldsmith, who oversaw the renovation and ensured that every element of the project was completed with precision and care.